September 26, 2023
Starting a website

I just thought I’d post this, since people these days have so many opinions about everything.There are also a lot of newbies who haven’t gotten their own websites yet.

Here is a few tips:

– Register your domain as early as possible. This  is because the older the domain is, the better it will rank in google, and you will get the possibility to increase crawl rate from your google analytics panel.

This will also keep you from going to the google sandbox for getting too many inbound links, too fast.

Other than that, having your own domain ready is a lot more motivating, as well as it helps you focus on one thing/idea.

In my opinion, the best name registrar is . You will then have the ability to easily transfer your domain to your hosting account.

As for hosting, I would recommend hostgator

Hostgator has been around for a looong time, and have some of the best uptimes on the market.

Their support is excellent, and they have fantastico, so you can install wordpress with a few clicks, as well as many other kinds of scripts.

This is the exact same way I do it. – I first buy a domain at namecheap, then transfer it to hostgator.

I would also recommend buying an expired domain if you find a good one you like.  You can find them at and

When you have your website up and running, get it indexed by pinging it at

This should get your website indexed within 24 hours – usually in a few hours though.

You can do this everytime you add more content to your website to get it indexed immidiately.

You should also post it at as well, which will get the digg post ranking high in the search engines for your chosen keyword. If you optimize for it that is.

Then you should register your domain in your google webmaster account, and submit a sitemap.
A sitemap can easily be created at:, or you can use the wordpress sitemap plugin.
You should do this to make sure all webpages on your site gets indexed. You will also be able to see many different statistics, and choose several options that might come in handy. For example which rate you want google’s spiders to visit your site.

For static sites with little interactivity, you should set it low to reduce your bandwith usage. And for blogs,social sites, forums and other interactive sites, you might want to put it higher to make sure new content gets indexed fast and give your more visitors from google.

Now you are set to register your website! – So do it NOW!

This is the exact methods I use when I first register a domain and publish it. Simple as that really =)

– Preben Frenning

Author: Jane Fonda