September 26, 2023
Top Secret Magic Code

Okay folks, I thought I might review the e-book “Top Secret Magic Code” as there are SO many promoting it, and there’s been a lot of buzz about it for some time now. Here we go…

First of all, I must say I was quite sceptical at first, yet I was really curious. I would NEVER have purchased this, if it wasn’t for the moneyback guarantee. When things look too good to be true, they usually are. That was the case of this overhyped e-book.

It’s from the same guy that gave us “The great” “Get Googleads for free”, and the concept is the same as well. What he refers to in the book, as the “magic code”, is really just another advertising platform than adsense. He goes through how to register and set up your ads at as well as explaining to you what adsense is. – Which is really pointless because he wants you to NOT use it. As well as most people already know what it is.

Things I noticed in the book:

– He uses TINYURL to cloak his links. Kind of newbie-like for a guy like him. ( You CAN use it, but not in an ebook or email.)

– There are quite a lot of affiliate links in the book

– The book is almost the same as “Get googleads free”

– He teaches you to build a list, yet a quite bad list though. Probably very little responsive, as well as expensive. ( Adwords landing page)

– He uses the classic “Hype intro” which is bragging about how much he makes and how expensive his house is.

– It’s even a fake photo of his “new supercar”.

The only good thing about the book:

I learned about, which he says is really great, but when I visited it, the cost per click was next to nothing. So I might actually use it to advertise instead of having it on my websites.

Rating: 1,5/10. – ( Because I learned ONE semi-useless new thing)

So please eveyone. DON’T promote it if you want your reputation to stay the same, and not get a backfire from all of the refunds.

I know it’s selling good, but I also know that the refund rate in extremely high.

If you decide to check it out even after I warned you, you can do so at ( You probably won’t click it anyway, so I use tinyurl =P )

Author: Jane Fonda