September 26, 2023
Offline Marketing

Even though most of us are internet marketers, we don’t necessarily need to make the big bucks online. – Internet Marketing is just something we’re good at.

Many internet marketers these days, have never considered the option to make big bucks doing internet marketing for offline companies.

I personally believe that this is a really untapped niche, as there are not many people doing this, and you don’t really need to be that good either.

Offline buisiness
Ask these questions to offline business owners, and they won’t have a clue.

If you have been into internet marketing for a few months, I believe you should easily be able to do this. And imagine… People set up opt-in for offline businesses for at least a few houndred dollars. – Then they charge their customers monthly, for upkeeping their lists, as well as they provide other services too – Which are  extremely “expensive” as well.

However,people who wants to do this usually encounter a few problems…

1. They think they charge WAY TOO MUCH for such a simple task. – They are unable to justify their prices to themselves.

– This is in fact weird, considering they are really doing the business owners a favor, and helping them make more money. Charging $500-1000 for implementing and customizing an opt-in is totally normal. Then you can charge them $100-1000 for the upkeep and maintenance+costs. And there are many ways to get even more money out of them – Just take a look a little further down this page

2. They are unable to explain the benefits well enough, so business owners refuse.

– This is simply because they aren’t all good salesmen in real life, and they might not have planned out the situation good enough, or they don’t understand it themselves. I have made a quite extensive post about how to achieve more success with this,which I will post below.

3. They are insecure, or not confident enough to go trough with it.

– This depends on their skills as offline sellers, and their confidence in internet marketing. Personally I have been working with internet marketing, as well as offline sales for roughly 2 years, and I love selling – So I have a lot of experience in both.

This post was inspired by a fantastic post in the warriorforum, which I strongly advice you to take a look at. Here: Stupidly simple cash cow (Note! The original thread is REMOVED due to hardcore bandwidth use! The link now goes to David Preston’s blog on the Warriorforum)

Here are some salestips from me: ( Find the entire page here: Stupidly simple cash cow p.13 – Removed. This blogpost is basically my comment.)

Tips for selling internet marketing consultant services offline: (as well as other products)
Just do it.
– You will get turned down a lot in the beginning, and it doesn’t feel good.

I have been a seller for a few years, and I KNOW this.
– So here are some tips from me:

1. It’s all about control. – This is hard, but essential. You must take control.

For example the handshake. If he doesn’t want to shake your hand, make him.

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE not to, if someone reaches out their hand to you.
– If they take some time to do this, it leaves you with all control. They “lost”
the first “battle” to you, and shook your hand.

Other things like this, can for example be to ask them to sit down.
“Why don’t we sit down here a bit while we talk?” and then you grab a chair.
– They will respond, and sit down, which is again better, since it helps both of you relax.

In other words, Be authorative.

2. Ask questions that builds up to a purchase.
In this example: “Have you seen good results with your marketing efforts online?”

Yes. – Great! Then you know these things work!
No. – Then I’ll show you how to get results. ( And explain the benfits of having a list)

Always have a plan on what to answer when you ask questions like that. – Then it will come
naturally after a while.

3. NEVER ask them to email you. – YOU will contact them.

And again about the questions… Don’t say ” When shall I contact you?”
Instead: “Is Wednesday or thursday best for you?”

Most will choose, but in case they don’t.
Ask the same, but next week. “I’m really busy this week” – “Okay, then let’s say monday in
2 weeks. Okay?” (This goes under keeping control really. It’s based on the same concept)

4. Imagine how the potential customer thinks.
Words like “Facebook” and “Pop-up” might seem bad to them.
Explain it so they understand – And don’t trigger bad emotions.

5. “What’s in it for me?”

Explain every single benefit they will get from you in great detail.
– Make sure they understand every  one of them, and focus on the good words.

Example: (highlighted words are the ones you say with extra passion etc.)

Him/Her: So what will this do for me?
You: You might not have thought about this, but A LOT of visitors who leaves your
website will never come back. – Your advertising dollars are thrown out of the window.
But with this you can actually CONTACT YOUR PROSPECTS AT ANY TIME!
– This will give you a better return on your advertising investments, as well as you are more
likely to get sales from the customers you have already.

And there are maaany other ways to take advantage of a mailing list…
For example, you have the possibility to get almost instant feedback, as well as market research. – All for free!

I will of course help you with this (nod)

6. Listen.

Even if you have the greatest sales pitch in history, make sure you listen to the client, and
his/her needs. – This will help you to build up the purchase even more.

Listening to the customer is essential – And if they ask questions, this means they are most likely interested to some extent. If they are asking questions it’s great! – Don’t underestimate the power of this,as it is definately  one of your keys to success.

Now go try it out!

Good luck!

– Preben Frenning

Author: Jane Fonda