September 26, 2023

Have you ever heard of Squidoo? – You should!
It’s a website where you make lenses about things you like, or actually anything, almost like a blog.

It’s simple to sign up, and easy to set up. And as a bonus to this, it’s ridiculously easy to get good rankings in the search engines.

I made a quick lens about the SEO product “SEO Arsenal”, and it got indexed within a day, and nr. 1 ranking for the search term “SEO Arsenal” ( Without the dashes)

The search term “SEO Arsenal” have 799,000 competing websites, yet I got the first place for a lens made in less than an hour.
You can view it at

As well as getting high rank in the search engines, you can also build squidoo lenses to get backlinks to your website, as well as good traffic.
But you must remember to provide good info. And don’t write dishonest reviews of products you have never tried. Although you might make money right away, it will not be a long-term income, as people might read an honest review somewhere else, or buy the product – to find out it is crap. Useless. A waste of money. Then they will most probably never buy any products you recommend later in your other lenses.

Other than that, the might have read several other reviews that say “They LOVE It!!!”
If you post some bad things about the product, as well as the good ones, ( focusing on the good ones of course!) your review will be a lot more credible.
Pros and Cons of using Squidoo to make money online:


 It’s totally free, and doesn’t require any special skills.
 It’s easy to make, register, and promote. – And you can make as many lenses as you like, but not more than 10 on one account ( read Squidoo Profits for more info about this )
 You can get first page rank for many competitive search terms
 You can get more traffic, and links to your websites, for better SE ranking.
 You can meet new people, and get potential business partners.
 You can make decent money in very few days.
 It’s fun!


o You can lose your rank in the SE’s quite fast if you don’t update your lens often enough.
o You need to know something
o The statistics are slow…

That’s really all the bad things I can say about Squidoo as a way of making money!


Squidoo is a great, simple, effective and fast way of making money online!
You don’t really need to know a lot about IM either!
Definitely one of the best methods for people who haven’t made much online yet.

Plus, it can boost your business quite fast as well, not only by making money directly from it,
but by giving you traffic, and backlinks as well.

Enjoy your lens-creation!

– Preben

Author: Jane Fonda