September 26, 2023
SEO tips

This is actualy really basic when it comes to SEO, but I’m not sure everyone is aware of it yet.

This simple little tip is about naming your pictures and videos properly.

I have seen MANY people online NOT doing this. – They are missing out on some free search engine traffic.

All you have to do is simply naming the pictures you upload with relevant keywords, or even just the name of the picture. What it’s all about. That means that you should NOT upload and use a picture called “img367” and use it on your website. Then you will have NO CHANCE AT ALL to recieve any traffic from it.                      Instead, if it is a picture of a dog playing with a ball, call it “dogplayingwithball”. Without hyphens.

If you use hyphens in your URL, google will separate the words. So it will then rank you on dog,playing,with,ball, if you name it “dog-playing-with-ball.jpg”. And those words are a lot harder to recieve a decent ranking for. This goes for all domains. Don’t use hyphens if your keyword is long.

To take the example again, if anyone is searching for “dog playing with ball” and you have named your picture “dogplayingwithball.jpg”, you are most likely to get a good ranking. This is also because it is a long keyword phrase, as well as very few people know of this little trick.

The same goes for videos, and main url. So if this blog’s domain was “”, google would split it, and focus on each separate word. It might look better in some url’s, but you get SEO disadvantages.

That’s all! And good luck!

– Preben

Author: Jane Fonda