September 26, 2023

If you’re into SEO or simply getting traffic to your
website, you might have heard of the quite new software

I had heard so much good about it, so I purchased it almost

I haven’t had the time to try it out a lot, as I am currently working a lot
on my newest prosject. – Which I can’t tell you about yet.

However, I plan on using it a lot to promote that site. Actually
it will be my main method to get traffic in the beginning.

If it works out as planned, the results will be MASSIVE.
Lots of free traffic and a bunch of leads. – And I will use it to get traffic over here as well.

I have currently only been using the keyword tool, as I haven’t really
needed the rest yet.

Another thing here…

The keyword tool is AWESOME!

I haven’t really used a lot of keyword tools or niche finders in the
past, but all I can say, is that this is great.

You type in your main keyword, and then you can batch copy the results
from wordtracker, or google keywords, and paste them to another tool,
which determines competition for that spesific keyword, and how
hard/easy it will be to dominate.

You can also check how high web 2.0 sites rank, as well
as how high you rank with your own site for the keyword.

A bit about SeNuke:

– It has a free 7-day trial, so you get the possibility to test it first.
– It’s a mass-submitter software that submits your site(s) to most of
the biggest web 2.0 sites online.
– They let you spin anything you need to, ( titles,posts,LINKS etc.) so you
won’t get slapped by the search engines for duplicate content.
– They let you create loads of WP blogs with spun content to link to your site
or an affiliate program – Can you say LINK JUICE?!

– SeNuke‘s Features:

– Social bookmark submitter
– Social network submitter
– RSS feed submitter
– Video submitter
– keyword research tool.
– WP-blog creator ( with gmail creator integrated)
– Some great e-books with tips and how-to’s ( how to find
niches as well)
– Web 2.0 account creator ( work in progress)
– Integrated proxy ( work in progress)
– Backgrond auto submission ( work in progress)

I haven’t gotten much results yet, but I would recommend you to
check out the salespage.

I will keep on posting when I try out the different modules, and let you
know if I get any results.

And I’m really looking forward to the new updates.
All of them sounds awesome, and I think they will be finished in
a couple of days.

Comments from people who have really tried it out is well appreciated!

Check it out now!

– Preben

Author: Jane Fonda