Action blocked please try again later on Instagram

Instagram, following YouTube and Facebook, is trying in every possible way to limit the suspicious actions of its users. For example, now uploaded photos are more censored by bots and moderators. For the slightest violations, accounts or posts can be blocked, and the user receives the error “Action blocked. Please try again later. We limit … ”. We will tell you what this failure means and what caused it.

Reasons for blocking an account on Instagram

Users can be blocked for several reasons at once, which are constantly changing. Each season, more and more restrictions are introduced that create problems for account promotion. Here are the main reasons for the ban and the appearance of the “Action blocked” restriction:

  • non-copyright publications when someone else’s content was posted;
  • no reference was made to the source for public material;
  • Incorrect hashtags: too long, repetitive, or irrelevant
  • the number of likes and subscriptions (unsubscriptions) has exceeded the permissible limit;
  • suspicious activity was noticed, which is regarded by the administration as the hacking of the profile.

Time limit. How long does it take?

Blocking for a while is a common practice from Instagram. If restrictions appear in your account, you just need to wait a while. Basically, after a few days, all functions open with a 90% probability. With a light bath, for example, using a lot of likes, the ban is imposed for 6 or 12 hours. This is due to the active struggle against bots that try to automatically wind up likes, subscribers, and comments.

Login via Facebook

Given the cooperation of Instagram with Facebook, it is worth trying the authorization option with the help of this social network. Usually, the user enters his password to connect to the account. Some note bypassing the blocking when logging in using Facebook. To do this, you need to log into your profile on this social network, and then confirm the action on Instagram.

PC version

If you are using your smartphone, then try switching to the PC version. Sometimes changing the platform for logging into your account helps to survive the period of temporary blocking by the management. However, consider the limitations of the PC version of Instagram. Although this option is quite enough for viewing subscriptions. If you have Windows 10, then you can try opening the social network as an application from the Windows Store.

Special account blocking

Voluntarily, each user has the right to use the following service: “Temporarily block my account.” Such actions are intended for various technical work when you need to hide the page from outsiders. The service is activated from the account settings. It is displayed at the very bottom. There is no risk of data loss. After entering a block for several hours, some note the disappearance of the ban:

  • Next to your avatar, click on “Edit Profile” (Edit Profile).
  • At the bottom, there will be a blue highlighted item about temporary blocking (Temporarily disable my account).
  • Then wait a few hours and also activate your account via your mobile device.
  • Block your account for a while 5 Violation of copyright content
    • Try to analyze your recent post series. Possibly copyright infringement was accidental. Remove all photos containing logos, links to other resources, brands, etc. Also, the publication of people without their consent may lead to restrictions on the part of the management of the social network. Optimize your content as much as possible for the ever-changing Instagram requirements.

      Removing the application

      Considering that Instagram is an application on your phone, mistakes cannot be ruled out. Uninstall the program from your smartphone. Then re-download the application from your manufacturer’s store: App Store and Google Play. Also scan the phone for virus programs, Dr.Web, ESET, Kaspersky will help you. Do not forget about the opportunity to see solutions to various problems on the Instagram page in the SUPPORT section.


      As a rule, access restriction by blocking “Action blocked. Please try again later ”is given for normal using a lot of likes and lasts a maximum of 24 hours. For a start, we recommend that you wait. The last solution that can be effective is to resend the access code via the “I think my account has been hacked” form, which is available here. In the end, a little information on the “shadow ban” is being actively implemented on the network.

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