March 26, 2023
web 2.0

There are many ways to dominate the search engines these days, as well as many different software and programs to do this using web 2.0 sites.

Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!
Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!

In this post, I just want to post a few really important tips you should know, before choosing your way of using web 2.0.

My number *1* tip here is this:

Make every social bookmarking submission at least 30% different from the rest!

I hope you got that. It’s really the best tip if you want to have several social bookmarks on the first pages of google and others. Not neccesarily worth it if you have a post that’s going to get bookmarked by many others, or dugg or anything similar, but this is for search engines.

The reason? – Search engine dupe filters.

They will not show duplicate content in searches, as well as backlinks will not count.

So remember this when choosing a social submitter.

This is also why article submitters doesn’t work. – Unless they have a spinner implemented, that allows you to check the uniqueness of the article.

The same rule applies to all content online. So if you’re submitting articles, social bookmarks, video’s etc. Make sure you vary the description.

Here we also have a great advantage of submitting your RSS feed to rss feed sites. – Simply because they usually don’t have a description.

Make sure you optimize for a keyword though, even if you’re spinning you should have your long-tail keyword optimized, by NOT spinning it.

If you’re submitting manually to social bookmarking sites, I would recommend starting with, as they are quite strict on duplicate content.

Then I’d say propeller and furl. Digg is most important though, as the others usually rank high as well.

For doing all of this spins and submissions, I’d recommend using SeNuke, as stated earlier.

Results are coming now, although not a big rise in traffic, but that’s because of the ever-competetive internet marketing niche.

I’ll post real results when I try it in another niche, so keep in touch!

– Preben

P.S. A list of rss feed submission sites, as well as social bookmarking sites are coming up soon!

Author: Jane Fonda