September 26, 2023
niche taser

Hello people!

I recently became a member of the war room in the Warriorforum, and it’s probably the best thing I have purchased online regarding Internet Marketing.

You’ll find plenty of WSO’s there that war room members will get for free. (Just check this post to see some of the benefits: Why You Should Join The War Room)

Anyways, once inside, I found a post where a guy named Austin Delaney is giving away his keyword research tool for free! That being said, it’s not “the best” keyword research tool, but it works very well, and it doesn’t have a recurring cost like most others. (It’s totally free indeed!)

I signed up for his list to receive updates and in the welcome email he gave me permission to share it with you guys =)

Here is a video overview:

And here is the direct download link: Download Niche Taser *Note: You might want to sign up for his newsletter to get the updates. He says it gets updated quite frequently, so I would recommend you to do that. Just sign up at

Enjoy! – And please tell me what you think!

– Preben

Author: Jane Fonda