September 26, 2023

About iMarketingBlog

The iMarketing blog is about everything within internet marketing.

SEO tips & tricks, traffic tips, honest reviews. – Yes they really are. Just take a look at the review of the “top secret magic code”.

It’s been promoted heavily by MANY people, as well as an incredible amount of dishonest reviews are out there. – Here I serve you nothing but the truth.

You will also find free resources ( I’m continiously building up the list ), like, as well as downloadable resources.

Special discounts and deals will also come by later. Actually it’s all up to you. Because that’s what this blog is all about. – You request info, I give it to you. If you for example want to know about which webhost to choose, post a comment and I’ll quickly add it. MY opinion that is. As well as I will do some additional research.

And if no requests are present, I will post what I want to teach you, and what I think you will benefit from.

I learn new things every day, and I share what’s worth sharing.

In addition to all of this, I will try to post as many results possible for products I recommend. – The results you get is all up to you and your niche, the results here is just me.

You can also email/PM me if you need any private advice/ tips for your website and I will answer.