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Instagram, following YouTube and Facebook, is trying in every possible way to limit the suspicious actions of its users. For example, now uploaded photos are more censored by bots and moderators. For the slightest violations, accounts or posts can be blocked, and the user receives the error “Action blocked. Please try again later. We limit […]

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The reasons for creating a YouTube channel can be varied: having a space of their own to comment, become famous or influential, send educational content to anyone who speaks our language and can connect to the internet or promote our own work, although not have to do with creating content in video format. In any […]

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In June last year, this social network reached 1 billion active users, according to Statista. More and more people prefer it to Facebook, and thanks to its powerful ad system and the large presence of influencers, there are plenty of possibilities to do marketing on it. So don’t miss these expertly recommended Instagram tools for […]

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There are two ways to create a community on Instagram. Instagram is becoming the benchmark social network for many social media managers as it offers several advantages. The first of its advantages is that it is visual and, therefore, the content of the brands that take care of their image are fine in a well-kept […]

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The latest updates to our beloved app show that stories became a fundamental bulwark when generating  engagement. From  headquarters  in California, they report that 300 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily (20% receive a response and 70% listen with sound). And despite the fact that the chronological order of the photos may be back soon, […]