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Posts Tagged ‘stupidly simple cash cow’

The Easy Way To Offline Riches

By Preben Frenning On November 8, 2008 10 Comments

Ask these questions to brick and mortar business owners, and they won't have a clue!
Ask these questions to offline business owners, and they won’t have a clue.

Even though most of us are internet marketers, we don’t necessarily need to make the big bucks online. – Internet Marketing is just something we’re good at.

Many internet marketers these days, have never considered the option to make big bucks doing internet marketing for offline companies.

I personally believe that this is a really untapped niche, as there are not many people doing this, and you don’t really need to be that good either.

If you have been into internet marketing for a few months, I believe you should easily be able to do this. And imagine… People set up opt-in for offline businesses for at least a few houndred dollars. – Then they charge their customers monthly, for upkeeping their lists, as well as they provide other services too – Which are ¬†extremely “expensive” as well.

However,people who wants to do this usually encounter a few problems…

1. They think they

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