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$1million?$100,000?$50?$0!? – It’s all up to you!

By Preben Frenning Under Mindset

I'm sure you want a piece of the pie...
I’m sure you want a piece of the pie…

Making a million dollars online might seem like an impossible task to most people. – And it’s not far from the truth, as well as it is as far away from the truth you can imagine.

It’s all about dedication. Dedication, will and desire.

A million dollars online is not for everyone however. Do you think you can make a million dollars online? No? – Then it’s definetly not for you! You will never make a million online if you don’t think you can do it!

You have to set yourself for success.

Read more about this, at .

Seriously guys, That is a great deal of free information. It’s better than any free ebook – And you don’t even have to sign up for a list!

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13 Responses to “$1million?$100,000?$50?$0!? – It’s all up to you!”

  1. 1
    Connie Brauer Says:

    I’m working on it.

  2. 2
    Tamil Matrimonial Says:

    I book marked the site i never seen so many good resources in one place and free.

  3. 3
    Change Your Life for Better Says:

    I have the strongest desire to make that much money through my online work. But sadly it is becoming increasingly difficult over time.

    Before recession deepened I got confident of achieving my goals atleast in the next five years. I was already having a good PR3 blog to which I was not only posting daily, I was also posting blog ads to make money.

    I was trading stocks online and making good money over there. The best I made ever in a short time was $600 in a few hours on a good day. If not for the day job, I would have been trading full time. I will take that some time in the future. Otherwise I can’t think of making it to a million dollar goal!

    Change Your Life for Better’s last blog post..Why Are The Police After Me?

  4. 4
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Desire is what drives me as well. Passion and desire.
    But think of your online efforts this way:

    If your goal is to make 4k/month, you will work hard towards it, and eventually make it.
    BUT if your goal is to make 100k in slightly more time, you might “only” make 10k or 25k, and not reach your goal. BUT again, you’ll experience far more success, even if you didn’t reach your goal.
    You will start to think in a completely different way to achieve your goal. You will think BIG! And big thinking, usually produces some kind of results anyway, or it won’t do you any good. But your mindset will prepare you to make those 100k, instead of 4k. So if you plan on making 4k/mo with writing articles, it is possible, but it will require lots and lots of work, and you might even not be able to do it.
    100k/mo on the other hand, is impossible to do with article writing. – So you will choose another way, since article writing will not make you reach your goal. And the other way you choose will most likely be a more profitable one.
    So… Did you get that? Your success is limited to your mind. People get rich online everyday, and so can you. You have to believe it.
    I believe, as well as know that I will be rich anytime soon.

    I’m following an offline marketing model that will take me from 0/mo, to at least 5k/mo in 3 months – And it will be an almost passive income, as well as it will be safe, and fun. Investment? 1k maximum. When I get here, I plan on upping the stakes, and make a million dollar website. I would not go for this plan if I didn’t think I would succeed! I know I will! – And you should do the same.
    Now go suck this up for a bit, and make a new plan. Think BIG and succeed!

    P.S. I will take my system for sale, once I experience the kind of success I want. Contact me if interested in getting early notification about this system before anyone else ;o) ( I will need testimonials, so someone will get it for free etc.

  5. 5
    brian from comment Says:

    Making a million dollars online might seem like an impossible task to most people. – And it’s not far from the truth, as well as it is as far away from the truth you can imagine.

  6. 6
    Matt from Swing Trading Says:

    Too bad, it seems like the resources are down. But yes, I’m working towards my own million dollar goal using a mix of blogging, ecommerce, and stock trading. Needless to say, I’ve learned a LOT in the past year. It’s been just about a year since I’ve opened my online store, and while I’m not rich, I can envision HOW it will happen so much more than before I began. The store is now pulling in some good money, I’m actually making some money with adsense and my stock career has just begun. I’ve been trading stocks for a few months now, but not very aggressively until I realize how much a single stock fluctuates in just a day. I’m kicking myself for not selling at apparent peaks, knowing its going to go back down and then up again. Hold a stock long enough, and you begin to notice it’s ‘beat.’
    .-= Matt@Swing Trading´s last blog ..Is Swing Trading Stocks Online Effective? =-.

  7. 7
    Preben Frenning Says:

    You will always kick yourself in the head for not selling a stock at it’s peak! But still, be happy as long as you make money with it.

    As for your way to a million dollars, good luck. And here’s a tip: The profit potential is determined by the niche’s buying power.
    Yes, it’s obvious, but still one of the most important things to know. Taking action is number one, which you did, and it’s working for you!

    But let me take this example… You want to make money online. You’ve heard selling CD’s on ebay is easy cash. You make $2 per CD you sell. – Then you will need to sell 500,000 CD’s to make a million!
    But if you for example sell financial reports to medium businesses online, for 2k each, it will almost be pure profit, and you’ll only need to sell 500 instead.
    That would not be much harder, but 1000x times more profitable. Crazy isn’t it? But true. You don’t necessarily need to work harder to make more money, just smarter.

    I’m pretty sure there are lots of easier ways to make a million online than blogging.
    Again, good luck, and thanks for your comment =)
    – Preben

  8. 8
    Jannice from Business Collaboration Says:

    With all the patience and perseverance plus all the positive thinking you need, it is in fact possible. The main question is, when? There are a lot of factors to consider. First off is the economy. Not all the time you’ll be lucky enough to earn several thousands of dollars for a month. Information and competition are also key factors.

  9. 9
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Of course it’s possible! If people are doing things, it’s possible, and people ARE making billions online every day.

    When? Depends on how you work. If you work smart AND hard, it can be pretty soon. If you are able to only do what’s most profitable, and focusing on that.
    The economy? Yes, you should consider the economy. Meaning you should act NOW! People are spending more money online during the recession. In my opinion, it’s because things are generally cheaper online, and people want to save money. I know many people who are making more online now, than before the “crisis”.

    And I would say luck has very little to do with it. If you make a few thousand online one month, it’s not “luck”. – They must have done something for it to happen.

    I personally don’t believe in luck that much. Have you noticed some people are “always” lucky? – Well, it’s because they position themselves better than others, and by that have a higher chance of good things to happen.
    If you hang around business people A LOT, you are more likely to “get lucky” and get an offer or a job from them, rather than if you sit home and watch tv. Because if you do, you won’t have any chance to get lucky. They won’t call you home if they don’t know you at all. – And it’s the same for business. You can be a telemarketer for example.
    If you REALLY SUCK at selling, you can still get some sales if you just take enough calls. And then you will improve, and get more and more sales.
    It’s the same online. Competition is not a factor in “luck”. It’s called research. If you’re good at it, you will know how to beat your competition, or how to discover untapped niches. Then it’s not luck. It’s just pure skills.

    – Preben

  10. 10
    Lorren Van Fossen from Kauai land for sale Says:

    If there is will, There’s a way. I think it’s possible, if you are willing to achieve something from internet. Beside browsing or social networking, there are several ways to earn online. Key is to believe in yourself & think positive. Success & failure are the part of life, as long as you believe in yourself. I disagree with those peoples who are willing to pay to different programs who pretend to give you magical scripts or videos to earn money online. I think if you ready to help yourself, nothing is possible.

  11. 11
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Yup, you can be the best in the world, but without the proper mindset, it will do you no good.
    But don’t you mean “I think if you’re ready to help yourself, nothing is impossible”? =P

  12. 12
    DoMyOwnEvictions Says:

    @ Preben Frenning
    i agree with you but it is also stated that God helps those help themselves

  13. 13
    Preben Frenning Says:

    I’m not religious, but whoever helps themselves always gets the furthest. – With, or without religion.

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