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Free Keyword Research Tool! (No Opt-in Required!)

By Preben Frenning Under Freebies, keyword research, Software

Hello people!

I recently became a member of the war room in the Warriorforum, and it’s probably the best thing I have purchased online regarding Internet Marketing.

You’ll find plenty of WSO’s there that war room members will get for free. (Just check this post to see some of the benefits: Why You Should Join The War Room)

Anyways, once inside, I found a post where a guy named Austin Delaney is giving away his keyword research tool for free! That being said, it’s not “the best” keyword research tool, but it works very well, and it doesn’t have a recurring cost like most others. (It’s totally free indeed!)

I signed up for his list to receive updates and in the welcome email he gave me permission to share it with you guys =)

Here is a video overview:

And here is the direct download link: Download Niche Taser *Note: You might want to sign up for his newsletter to get the updates. He says it gets updated quite frequently, so I would recommend you to do that. Just sign up at

Enjoy! – And please tell me what you think!

– Preben

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18 Responses to “Free Keyword Research Tool! (No Opt-in Required!)”

  1. 1
    steve from manchester lettings agents Says:

    call me old fashioned but I just prefer using google’s keyword search…that when used alongside the various thesaurus tools that you can find is very useful!
    .-= steve@manchester lettings agents´s last blog ..1 Bedroom Apartment, Green Quarter £495.00 =-.

  2. 2
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Well, this is based on the google keyword tool, so it’s the same data, except it’s easier accessible, as well as it’s way more effective when used long-term, as you have simple competition analysis and other similar features that takes up a lot of time if done manually. – You’re old fashioned! :p

    Anyways, since keyword research is so important, I would recommend you to use a decent keyword research tool anyways. Once you get used to it, you’ll see why ;o)
    – Preben

  3. 3
    Francois Talens Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I actually downloaded the zipped file. Just one question, how effective is this keyword tool based on your experience? Well, in comparison to other keyword tool like Google.
    .-= Francois Talens´s last blog ..Causes of Arthritis and Risk Factors =-.

  4. 4
    Allen Says:

    Thanks mate… I’m a War Room member and never even seen it! The whole place is my first port of call before ever buying something (I have to remind myself of that mid sales letter… don’t buy until you check the War Room first!)

    Thanks… off to download and then back for a read of your blog. Looks good.


  5. 5
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Then you’re off to a good start!

    If I where to recommend a starting route for someone who wants to begin with Internet marketing, I’d definitely recommend the war room first.
    As for buying new products, I’d say stick to the war room for a long time first.

    There are plenty of WSO’s there you will get for free, as well as a massive load of great info. (Similar to what you get if you buy a course, except shorter, and usually better)

    My tips to you if you’re starting out:

  6. Watch out for information overload/analysis paralysis. If you jump from technique to technique, and product to product, you’ll get into the bad habit of not getting anything done, and not make any money.
  7. If you EVER want to buy a product, check out the war room, and the product review section in the warriorforum first. If you can’t find it there, start a post to ask what people think about it. Don’t trust reviews online, as they always gets commission, which can affect their review.
  8. Learn how to build websites. At least to some extent. – I would recommend learning to use wordpress, as it’s fairly easy to learn, it’s very easy to SEO optimize, as well as much else.
  9. Find an ineternet marketing related skill you want to learn, and focus on it. If you’re a master at something, you will be more likely to get good joint venture partners, as well as you can sell your services for quite a lot. Not only that, but you can use it for yourself too. For example SEO or copywriting.

    That was all I could come up with for now. I’m glad you like my blog, and hope you will learn something useful =)
    And remember, if there are any specific topics you need help with or want me to write a blogpost about, don’t hesitate to ask me. You can either PM me on the warriorforum, or answer to this post.

    Good luck!
    – Preben

  10. 6
    Real estate in india Says:

    Some really nice tools to find good keywords!

    Keyword research is the first and most important step in SEO, I think with these tools there should be no problem to be successful with SEO, thanks!

  11. 7
    Mark Says:

    Thanks for sharing this stuff Preben. Personally, I’m experiencing information overload. I actually don’t know where to start by now. There are so many possible ways that I can use, however, I still don’t know how effective these ways are.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..School Grants For Minorities =-.

  12. 8
    Jerry from Shakopee real estate Says:

    I am a member on Warriors Forum and I found that forum to be the most helpful and welcoming to the newcomers than other few top marketing and seo forums. I’ve had some questions and they were promptly answered by the experts on that forum. I never considered becoming a War Room Member but $37 seems nothing for one-time because of the things they’re offering and ofcourse some additional and long-term benefits of being a war-room member.

    Anyways I definitely have some WSOs from that forum and I consider the products on that forum to be great but I will consider joining as a war-room member in the near future. Thanks for the post.

  13. 9
    dstarlight Says:

    I’ve used several tools for keyword research, and until now I kept looking for the best tools. I will try what you recommend. thanks … 🙂

    doing research

  14. 10
    RROD Says:

    In my experience free sources will never be as good as some paid sources. Many paid sources are just there to save you a lot of time, all of it could be done for free but it would take much longer.

  15. 11
    Teresa Says:

    Thank you ! Keep on reading for free tips, honest reviews and other goodies =)

  16. 12
    Frisco Real Estate Says:

    I understand why you would want to use this, but why not go directly to google and use there’s unless there is some restriction from google. I will try out the tool and reply back after I try this and another I found.

  17. 13
    Skuteczne Pozycjonowanie Says:

    This is great material. Keep it up it is helping us all.

  18. 14
    Michael Says:

    I do like my current setup for checking keywords but I am always looking to make it quicker/better. Will give this a try and take the other comments into consideration. Will be back if I have any questions. Thanks for sharing.

  19. 15
    ATV Parts Says:

    That is a nice compliment to adwords. Like any keyword research tool it is not going to be 100% accurate so make sure to look at trends more than anything.

  20. 16
    Matt from Learn Basic SEO Says:

    This looks like a very effective tool. I find another one recently which is also very useful. It’s called Keyrow.

    It’s great because it gives you heaps of really good info – like the popular searches your site is ranking for, and how high you are on the list. It’s also free and you don’t have to download anything.

  21. 17
    Davenport Iowa Office movers Says:

    I find the difference between free sources and paid ones are the level of support.

  22. 18
    marketing agencies london Says:

    There are plenty of tools for keyword research but according to me, google keyword research online tool is the best and free. Anyway, i haven’t checked this tool and i will use certainly once for my ongoing SEO campaign. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    marketing agencies london´s last [type] ..Project&amp

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