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I have added the “dofollow” tag to all links!

By Preben Frenning Under Feedback

This means that all links you get from my blog, counts as “backlinks” to your site.

This is done to encourage commenting, and to see reader’s websites.

BUT! Spamming is still not allowed. I am moderating comments before I show them, so don’t bother.

Happy commenting folks =)

– Preben

11 Responses to “I have added the “dofollow” tag to all links!”

  1. 1
    John S. Rhodes Says:

    1. How did you turn this on? Why not write a blog posting about it? It’s something that I’ve been investigating. Think “linkbait” 😉

    2. Some folks allow Do Follow once they’ve posted, let’s say, 3 times or more. Did you consider this? That way you get some dedication.

  2. 2
    Preben Frenning Says:

    @ John S. Rhodes:

    I’m not really good at programming etc, so I have no idea how to turn this on after 3 comments. Perhaps asking at trafficdrill might help? Or just the warriorforum?

    Anyways, thank you for the comment and suggestion. Blog post coming up!

    – Preben

  3. 3
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Actually, I just found out that I didn’t add the “dofollow” tag. I just removed the “nofollow”. But I guess that goes for the same.
    The thing is that links have value here. That’s my point =P

  4. 4
    Ebay hot items Says:

    Interesting post, i bookmarked your blog, greetings

  5. 5
    Find DoFollow Websites Says:

    DoFollow has it’s benefits and it’s nice to see you have joined the community

  6. 6
    fornls Says:

    Your reasoning is correct. I lost interest in commenting/surfing others blog after knowing the nofollow phenomenon.

    But don’t you think even with nofollow a backlink is worth having as we can get pageviews. We may not get google’s page rank. But we do get page views. Is that not good?

    Your answer will be helpful..

    fornls’s last blog post..Can We Bring Life Back to Mammoth?

  7. 7
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Yes yes, nofollow links can be awesome as well!
    But if you just want to get traffic, I would recommend you to find blogs etc. with high traffic volume.
    And you won’t get that many clicks if your comment is too far down on the page.
    A thing you can do about this, is finding relevant blogs with much traffic, subscribing to their rss feed, and leave a comment early whenever a new blog post is out. However, remember to make it interesting, and not leave spammy comments.

    But it can be a great way to get traffic for sure. However, finding dofollow blogs with much traffic is even better ;o)
    You should do both if you want maximum exposure this way. And you CAN get a few clicks from commenting even if your comment is far down on the page. It happens, and if you do it a lot, you will see results eventually.
    – Preben

  8. 8
    Backlinks, SEO Says:

    There is more reason to comment than ever before!

  9. 9
    Change Your Life for Better Says:

    Don’t you think making dofollow will cause problem for your pages in the eyes of Google..

    May be as long as you delete spammy links, it may not be a problem at all.

    I observed that what counts for Google is the backlinks. No matter how many outbound links we give (dofollow links), a site’s popularity is determined is by its inbound backlinks. Google only bothers about backlinks. I think their approach towards introducing nofollow is only to show monopoly and preserve their search engine results quality.

    I believe it is a myth that it is a problem to allow dofollow links. I have seen N number blogs linking to M number of sites without bothering about anything. Still they are popular and have good page rank.

    Do you know why? Simple, because they have quality backlinks, and that is what matters for Google. No matter what myths Google propagates, backlinks are its bread and butter!

    Change Your Life for Better’s last blog post..Why Are The Police After Me?

  10. 10
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Yes,backlinks are the real deal. YET, I have heard about many people that gets better PR for linking out to relevant sites. And fresh content in exchange for a relevant backlink is a great concept. That is exactly what the article directories are doing, and it is how they get such a great PR. So whenever someone post a long, unique and relevant comment on my blog, I always accept them. Comments such as “great blog =D” won’t do anything good for me in google’s eyes, as well as it’s hard to give a good response. But comments like yours are just what both me and google likes! Long, relevant comments gives me more quality content, as well as the option to give a good response. Win-win! And you get a link and answers to your questions.
    So thank you for your comments, and you are welcome for the do-follow links =)
    And I’ll even sweeten the pot. – When I get back from Thailand, I will give you a private review of your site, and give you my thoughts and idea’s of improvement, as well as I’ll tell you what I like about it =)
    – Preben

  11. 11
    Change Your Life for Better Says:


    Thanks for your Response. I did not understand how important the backlinks from a relevant web page are. I learned it the hard way.

    The problem for me was the uncertainty. How much is needed to get how much? For example, how many backlinks do I need to get a PR of 3 from web pages of what amount of PR? Without this being certain it becomes hard to put the effort required to improve our page rank.

    Whether it is got get page rank through paid backlinks (it is worth with relevant web pages) or through blog commenting, I am able to now visualize how many will give how much. This makes it easy to plan the required effort.

    I have changed my blog now. Even though the title remains same, I had moved from a community blog site to blogger where I left my old blog. I had to do this because I could not use the community blog as flexible as the blogger blog.

    So I will be revamping my new blog bringing older blog’s article as well to this site. I may rename them or change them slightly and modify the old blog to have little content. I will be very happy to see your review of my blog. But please take your own time as I update this blog over time.

    I am also wiling to write quality comments because it does not really take big time once we commit to write quality comments. I do so to get a share of the website traffic from where I comment. All it takes is little time to read the article, find some key points that are new or old or interesting and write your view after thinking a little about them. I don’t comment where the topic is not clear to me no matter how many times I read (I don’t find it easy commenting on automobile topics).


    Change Your Life for Better’s last blog post..It Took Me an Article and Two Months To Learn the Importance of Relevant Backlinks for Page Rank

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