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Archive for the ‘Web 2.0’ Category

Keyword Research Tips, and How to Dominate Them!

By Preben Frenning On April 10, 2009 33 Comments

Keyword research are done in many different ways, and you will probably hear many different ways to do it. For me, I think I have a quite unique way of doing it, since I haven’t read about it anywhere, and it works like a charm.

I usually use the built-in keyword research tool in senuke, as it does most of the work for me, other than picking the good keywords. – Which is quite simple once I have the data.

But the most important thing, is to find the keywords that give the highest ROI, with least amount of time spent. I only focus on keywords I know I can dominate, and I always do. I’m not great a creating websites, but I know how to make a SEO-optimized wordpress blog. Then all I have to do is to include my long-tail keyword in the title of the post,in the tags, and a few times in the main body of the post. I might also submit an article if neccesary. Then I go for dominating the entire frontpage of google with web 2.0. – Which is quite simple. I personally use senuke for this, but it can easily be done manually, and it doesn’t take that long.

But Preben, how about the keyword research?

Yes, I’ll tell you.

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IMPORTANT! If you want to dominate search engines with web 2.0!

By Preben Frenning On October 26, 2008 16 Comments

Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!
Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!

There are many ways to dominate the search engines these days, as well as many different software and programs to do this using web 2.0 sites.

In this post, I just want to post a few really important tips you should know, tips I’ve wrangled from CEO of Stellar SEO, before choosing your way of using web 2.0.

My number *1* tip here is this:

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Everything on the internet has been done before…

By Preben Frenning On October 11, 2008 6 Comments

– Did you really think so? Then you should watch this funny youtube video.


Squidoo – good or bad?

By Preben Frenning On June 9, 2008 No Comments

Have you ever heard of Squidoo? – You should!
It’s a website where you make lenses about things you like, or actually anything, almost like a blog.

It’s simple to sign up, and easy to set up. And as a bonus to this, it’s ridiculously easy to get good rankings in the search engines.

I made a quick lens about the SEO product “SEO Arsenal”, and it got indexed within a day, and nr. 1 ranking for the search term “SEO Arsenal” ( Without the dashes)

The search term “SEO Arsenal” have 799,000 competing websites, yet I got the first place for a lens made in

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