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What to Look For in Affiliate Programs – 10 quick tips

By Preben Frenning Under Affiliate Marketing

Want to join an affiliate program?

Then you should concider a few things first:

1. Will it sell?/Convert

2. Do they pay you in time, and how do you get paid?

3. What do other people say about it? ( You should check the warriorforum)

4. Is it a multi-tier affiliateprogram? –  making it possible to make passive money from people under you.

5. Does it bring you residual income?  Web-hosting and membership sites usually do. One of the best
affiliate programs for hosting is by hostgator– Which is also a great webhosting service, making
it a good recommendation for your list as well as making you money.

Another great 5-tier residual income program is from global domains. ( Check out the free training here)

6. Do they have an unrealistic payment treshold? – Making it almost impossible for you to get paid at all.

7. Do they provide good support?

– Any serious business have decent+ support for their affiliates. So you should check if they answer your email, and how long it takes.

8. Do they give you any good/professionally designed promotion material? – This is extremely important if you have a relevant website you plan on advertising it on.

9.  Is it extreme competition? – This can be either good, or bad, as it’s probably converting really well if many are promoting it, yet it will (in most cases)be harder for you.  Your prospects will also most likely already be bombarded with emails already promoting it.

10. What kind of payment do they take? – It really sucks if you miss a sale because the program you are promoting only takes “E-Gold” and your potential customer refuses to sign up for an account.

That’s all for today folks!

– Preben

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5 Responses to “What to Look For in Affiliate Programs – 10 quick tips”

  1. 1
    sylvestor Says:


    I was ‘talking’ with you about blogging on warrior forum and you said to check out your blog and give you a little more detail. My blog I just started with wordpress about promoting work from home opportunities. I have been posting as a source of generating traffic. What are some tips to this form of marketing?

  2. 2
    Preben Frenning Says:

    Forum marketing can be good, but you will not get a lot of traffic.
    And promoting work from home opportunities on the warriorforum, with seasoned marketers won’t do you any good.

    There are a lot of newbies who start out promoting IM and home business products early on. – Therefore you will meet a lot of competition. A LOT! So I would first of all recommend you to pick another niche, or find some extremely sneaky way of promoting it. – Which I think can be extremely hard.

    So pick a niche you have a genuine interest in. Your favourite hobby.
    This will make it easier, and more motivating to work with.
    I’m sure you can find a related product on that has something to do with the niche you choose.

    Then create a squeeze page where you get your visitors email address, and then send them to the product trough your CLOAKED affiliate link.

    As for traffic, I would recommend using social media, like digg, and submitting articles to on long-tail keywords with little competition.

    I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, don’t hold’em back! Many others probably have the same questions as well.

    – Preben

  3. 3
    sylvestor Says:

    Thanks a lot for the advice!

  4. 4
    TigerTom from Affiliate Internet Marketing Says:

    I think a key thing is choosing good quality products to promote.
    A lot of products on the smaller affiliate networks you wouldn’t buy yourself or recommend to friends, ever.

  5. 5
    Palliser Says:

    Becoming an affiliate makes way for individuals to earn money by promoting products or services of an Internet business for which they act as affiliates and in turn they get commission according to their contribution to sales.

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