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Archive for December, 2008

Part 2: How To Network Efficiently On Forums

By Preben Frenning On December 5, 2008 31 Comments

Yeah, go network a bit now!

Yeah, go network a bit now!

Here comes the second and last part of “How To Network Efficiently On Forums”:

I’ll continue with the bullet list:

  • “Show them what you got” – Focus on a few skills you’re good at

Whenever you are talking to someone, make sure they know what you are good at, and which services you provide. You might even tell them directly, so they realize they can use you any time. This makes you one of the first persons to consider, when they need what you offer.

  • Make people know what they might need you for

This is almost the same as the one above. But this goes for using your network as well. So if you tell them you know a great webdesigner, a good article writer etc., they will ask you for help, and you will be able to help them.  This is beneficial both to the one they need, and the one needing help, since they get new customers, and might even become friends. РSo your network becomes

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