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Archive for October, 2008

A list of RSS feed aggregators,and a Free RSS Submission Software

By Preben Frenning On October 29, 2008 11 Comments

Really "Simple" Syndication no more!
Really “Simple” Syndication no more!

*Update: Free RSS submission software at the bottom of this post!*

Submitting RSS feeds to rss feed aggregators is a great way

to easily increase your backlinks, as well as they rank high

in the search engines.

Many of them don’t even require you to sign up to submit a feed, so

it’s a really quick method of getting backlinks.

For example this blog.

I have submitted it to, and have gotten it rated as

class “A”. – This means that it’s a verified, and good feed.

It’s the maximum rank to get for an RSS feed by

– This also makes it

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IMPORTANT! If you want to dominate search engines with web 2.0!

By Preben Frenning On October 26, 2008 16 Comments

Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!
Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!

There are many ways to dominate the search engines these days, as well as many different software and programs to do this using web 2.0 sites.

In this post, I just want to post a few really important tips you should know, before choosing your way of using web 2.0.

My number *1* tip here is this:

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When you want to start a new website…You should know this

By Preben Frenning On October 23, 2008 19 Comments

I just thought I’d post this, since people these days have so many opinions about everything.There are also a lot of newbies who haven’t gotten their own websites yet.

Here is a few tips:

– Register your domain as early as possible. This  is because the older the domain is, the better it will rank in google, and you will get the possibility to increase crawl rate from your google analytics panel.

This will also keep you from going to the google sandbox for getting too many inbound links, too fast.

Other than that, having your own domain ready is a lot more motivating, as well as it helps you focus on one thing/idea.

In my opinion, the best name registrar is . You will then have the ability

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SeNuke – Hype or the real deal?

By Preben Frenning On October 15, 2008 7 Comments

If you’re into SEO or simply getting traffic to your
website, you might have heard of the quite new software

I had heard so much good about it, so I purchased it almost

I haven’t had the time to try it out a lot, as I am currently working a lot
on my newest prosject. – Which I can’t tell you about yet.

However, I plan on using it a lot to promote that site. Actually
it will be my main method to get traffic in the beginning.

If it works out as planned, the results will be MASSIVE.
Lots of free traffic and a bunch of leads. – And I will use it to get traffic over here as well.

I have currently only been using the keyword tool, as I haven’t really
needed the rest yet.

Another thing here…

The keyword tool is

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I’m leaving…

By Preben Frenning On October 14, 2008 4 Comments

For Icland for a week!

So I won’t be able to answer comments before wednesday next week.

However, my assistant (Hugo J.M) will keep it updated to some extent, as well as accepting comments.

– Preben

How to add “Dofollow” tag to links in comments ( WordPress only)

By Preben Frenning On October 12, 2008 15 Comments

I recieved a comment, requesting a post about how to add the “dofollow” tag to comments in wordpress, and here it is:

It’s really simple actually, to remove the “nofollow” tag from links in comments in wordpress.

All you need to do, is installing a plugin called “Dofollow” from THIS website.

Then all you need to do, is to follow the instructions and activate the plugin =)

In case you want to know why you should do this, listen up:

– So-called “Backlinks” to websites counts as “votes” for a website for the search engines. So having

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Do you think you have too few websites to ping? – Then check out this extensive list!

By Preben Frenning On October 12, 2008 6 Comments

This should get you indexed within hours!

Here it goes:

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Everything on the internet has been done before…

By Preben Frenning On October 11, 2008 6 Comments

– Did you really think so? Then you should watch this funny youtube video.


I have added the “dofollow” tag to all links!

By Preben Frenning On October 10, 2008 11 Comments

This means that all links you get from my blog, counts as “backlinks” to your site.

This is done to encourage commenting, and to see reader’s websites.

BUT! Spamming is still not allowed. I am moderating comments before I show them, so don’t bother.

Happy commenting folks =)

– Preben

The First Post In This Category…

By Preben Frenning On October 10, 2008 2 Comments

Hello all! This category was created for YOU! And only you. Here you can post comments, where you can ask questions about anything you like. It can be:

  • Suggestion for a new blogpost – Is it anything you would like to know more about in Internet Marketing?
  • Suggest a review, like at do – Is it a new product you want, but you’re not sure it’s worth it? Post it here, and I will do what I can to get hold of it, and serve you an honest review.
  • Are there any product you would like to get for free, or get discounted? I will contact the owner and get you a discount if possible. This might be a little hard to do for many products, so we will have to vote when there are many products you want.
  • Is it anything special you would like from this site? Any plugins you miss? Tips on what to do? – Post it 

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