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Free Keyword Research Tool! (No Opt-in Required!)

By Preben Frenning 18 Comments

Hello people!

I recently became a member of the war room in the Warriorforum, and it’s probably the best thing I have purchased online regarding Internet Marketing.

You’ll find plenty of WSO’s there that war room members will get for free. (Just check this post to see some of the benefits: Why You Should Join The War Room)

Anyways, once inside, I found a post where a guy named Austin Delaney is giving away his keyword research tool for free! That being said, it’s not “the best” keyword research tool, but it works very well, and it doesn’t have a recurring cost like most others. (It’s totally free indeed!)

I signed up for his list to receive updates and in the welcome email he gave me permission to share it with you guys =)

Here is a video overview:

And here is the direct download link:

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Keyword Research Tips, and How to Dominate Them!

By Preben Frenning 33 Comments

Keyword research are done in many different ways, and you will probably hear many different ways to do it. For me, I think I have a quite unique way of doing it, since I haven’t read about it anywhere, and it works like a charm.

I usually use the built-in keyword research tool in senuke, as it does most of the work for me, other than picking the good keywords. – Which is quite simple once I have the data.

But the most important thing, is to find the keywords that give the highest ROI, with least amount of time spent. I only focus on keywords I know I can dominate, and I always do. I’m not great a creating websites, but I know how to make a SEO-optimized wordpress blog. Then all I have to do is to include my long-tail keyword in the title of the post,in the tags, and a few times in the main body of the post. I might also submit an article if neccesary. Then I go for dominating the entire frontpage of google with web 2.0. – Which is quite simple. I personally use senuke for this, but it can easily be done manually, and it doesn’t take that long.

But Preben, how about the keyword research?

Yes, I’ll tell you.

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Part 2: How To Network Efficiently On Forums

By Preben Frenning 31 Comments

Yeah, go network a bit now!

Yeah, go network a bit now!

Here comes the second and last part of “How To Network Efficiently On Forums”:

I’ll continue with the bullet list:

  • “Show them what you got” – Focus on a few skills you’re good at

Whenever you are talking to someone, make sure they know what you are good at, and which services you provide. You might even tell them directly that you know how to increase website traffic, so they realize they can use you any time. This makes you one of the first persons to consider, when they need what you offer.

  • Make people know what they might need you for

This is almost the same as the one above. But this goes for using your network as well. So if you tell them you know a great webdesigner, a good article writer etc., they will ask you for help, and you will be able to help them.  This is beneficial both to the one they need, and the one needing help, since they get new customers, and might even become friends. – So your network becomes

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Networking on Forums (Part 1)- Probably One of The Most Essential Skills in Internet Marketing

By Preben Frenning 16 Comments

Getting friends all over the world is never a bad idea!
Getting friends all over the world is never a bad idea!

Hello trusted readers!

Today I want to talk a bit about networking. – Networking on forums to be accurate. ( This post will be split in 2 because of the length, as I personally HATE reading looong blogposts. This is part 1, and part 2 will come really soon)

As most of us understand, networking is essential to achieve great success in internet marketing. It has numerous benefits, as well as it keeps it a little bit more “social”. When you network on forums, you actually speak with fellow internet marketers, and share knowledge and services. – Which is usually a win/win situation.

I thought I’d share some tips on how to do this, since obviously not everyone totally “gets it”. At least that’s what I think after a few bad experiences in different forums, which have almost made me hate a few people. I’m not a hater though, so it doesn’t really matter that much with me, but others might be able, and willing to do BAD things to your reputation – Which is something you must avoid at all costs!

So here’s the list of my tips for networking on forums with greatest effect:

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New blog posts coming up

By Preben Frenning 8 Comments

Warning! Some might actually be interesting enough to BOOKMARK!
Warning! Some might actually be interesting enough to BOOKMARK!

Hello all readers!

I have been sick for a week now, as well as I have had plenty of things to do, so I haven’t managed to get enough time to post here until now.

I just thought I’d tell you the titles of upcoming blogposts to keep you informed.

Here it goes:

That’s the ones I have planned for now. Quite self-explanatory, but I have a few great tips in most of them, so stay tuned.

– Preben

The Easy Way To Offline Riches

By Preben Frenning 10 Comments

Ask these questions to brick and mortar business owners, and they won't have a clue!
Ask these questions to offline business owners, and they won’t have a clue.

Even though most of us are internet marketers, we don’t necessarily need to make the big bucks online. – Internet Marketing is just something we’re good at.

Many internet marketers these days, have never considered the option to make big bucks doing internet marketing for offline companies.

I personally believe that this is a really untapped niche, as there are not many people doing this, and you don’t really need to be that good either.

If you have been into internet marketing for a few months, I believe you should easily be able to do this. And imagine… People set up opt-in for offline businesses for at least a few houndred dollars. – Then they charge their customers monthly, for upkeeping their lists, as well as they provide other services too – Which are  extremely “expensive” as well.

However,people who wants to do this usually encounter a few problems…

1. They think they

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$1million?$100,000?$50?$0!? – It’s all up to you!

By Preben Frenning 13 Comments

I'm sure you want a piece of the pie...
I’m sure you want a piece of the pie…

Making a million dollars online might seem like an impossible task to most people. – And it’s not far from the truth, as well as it is as far away from the truth you can imagine.

It’s all about dedication. Dedication, will and desire.

A million dollars online is not for everyone however. Do you think you can

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A list of RSS feed aggregators,and a Free RSS Submission Software

By Preben Frenning 11 Comments

Really "Simple" Syndication no more!
Really “Simple” Syndication no more!

*Update: Free RSS submission software at the bottom of this post!*

Submitting RSS feeds to rss feed aggregators is a great way

to easily increase your backlinks, as well as they rank high

in the search engines.

Many of them don’t even require you to sign up to submit a feed, so

it’s a really quick method of getting backlinks.

For example this blog.

I have submitted it to, and have gotten it rated as

class “A”. – This means that it’s a verified, and good feed.

It’s the maximum rank to get for an RSS feed by

– This also makes it

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IMPORTANT! If you want to dominate search engines with web 2.0!

By Preben Frenning 16 Comments

Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!
Yes, these are your friends in the battle for first page rankings!

There are many ways to dominate the search engines these days, as well as many different software and programs to do this using web 2.0 sites.

In this post, I just want to post a few really important tips you should know, tips I’ve wrangled from CEO of Stellar SEO, before choosing your way of using web 2.0.

My number *1* tip here is this:

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When you want to start a new website…You should know this

By Preben Frenning 19 Comments

I just thought I’d post this, since people these days have so many opinions about everything.There are also a lot of newbies who haven’t gotten their own websites yet.

Here is a few tips:

– Register your domain as early as possible. This  is because the older the domain is, the better it will rank in google, and you will get the possibility to increase crawl rate from your google analytics panel.

This will also keep you from going to the google sandbox for getting too many inbound links, too fast.

Other than that, having your own domain ready is a lot more motivating, as well as it helps you focus on one thing/idea.

In my opinion, the best name registrar is . You will then have the ability

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